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Stephen Guzzetti

Stephen Guzzetti

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Specialties: Multi-Family Investments

About Me

With over 14 years of residential and multi-family property sales combined with past development project experience, I provide consulting and motivation using my extensive contract experience, property research and valuation expertise. I am also very effective in the negotiation process to help clients achieve maximum results. I receive immense satisfaction from helping clients turn their ideas and dreams into accomplishments.

As a Realtor I am conscientious and make sure that all facets of a deal are done in an ethical and professional manner, and have a long history of absolute integrity. I provide my clients with compelling opportunities to achieve their real estate goals and am highly knowledgeable and successful in producing winning real estate transactions. In addition to my real estate experience, I was a contractor for 17 years. That field involved client communication, problem solving, project implementation, negotiation and sales with experience in both property remodels and ground up construction. I then followed that with a 15-year career in national and global semiconductor sales that helped to further develop my extensive background in marketing and sales.

I am an individual who attempts to solve problems by listening to others with care and respect and am proactive in learning about society’s needs and supporting clients. I can empathize and relate well with all ages of people and can address their unique real estate needs. Since 2006 I have been a Realtor assisting buyers and sellers of commercial multi-family real estate. I also consult on identifying profitable commercial multi-family investments representing those investors to build their portfolios. I have sold over 400 million in Multi-family assets and residential properties. I bring a great wealth of knowledge across several professional industries that have provided critical insight into my clients decisions and ultimately future success.  

My hobbies include exercising, fishing, golf, and I love music, wine and food. Helping the disadvantaged is also a priority by virtue of my involvement several charitable organizations. So, if you’re interested, please give me a call 408.393.4647 or email to discuss possibilities. Perhaps you may also know someone else who could be thinking about buying or selling that could benefit from sound real estate advice.

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