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Maureen Bowers

Maureen Bowers

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Specialties: Office Generalist

About Me

CA Brokers License since 1990

Extensive knowledge of the Silicon Valley Real Estate

25+ years Commercial Real Estate experience including Purchase and Sales, Leasing, Construction, Tenant Improvements, Planning, Financing and Management

Product Type

Office, R&D/High Tech, Industrial, Warehouse, Single and Multi-Tenant Residential, Retail


Over 1200 Commercial Transactions

Personally know several hundred Commercial Real Estate Professionals in Silicon Valley

Helps to find a particular property the Buyer is looking for even if it is not publicly listed, as well as negotiate the best terms for my client

Contractor Recommendations

In preparing a property for lease or sale, or improving it to suit your needs after purchase I can refer various trades such as: Architects/Designers/Painters/Plumbers/Electricians/Inspectors/Landscapers/Dry wall/Roofing/Concrete/Pest Control/General Contractors/HVAC/Glass &Window Installation/ Property Management and more

Buying Out of the Area

Assist in finding properties out of the area, or provide referrals to qualified Real Estate Brokers in other states and countries.

Leasing, Buying, or Selling

Below are examples of a few of the ways I assist my clients with their real estate goals, such as achieving positive cash flow, minimizing management headaches, growing their portfolio, increasing net income, locating the perfect commercial property, and more.

1) Find the right property to lease--from small start-up companies to largec orporations occupying several hundred thousand square feet.

2) Real Estate investors looking to identify and purchase replacement properties via IRC Section 1031 Exchange

3) Businesses looking to expand their leased facility to accommodate company growth-this could mean moving to a new building entirely, or negotiating with their current landlord to add to the space they already occupy

4) Small business owners buying a building for their company’s use and having the company lease back the property

5) Analyze my clients’ goals from an investment perspective and maximize the value of their real estate assets. One way to do this is to ‘trade up’--an example would be an owner of a duplex or fourplex selling that property and buying a larger property that provided more net income to the seller, such as a sixplex, eightplex, or even a leased industrial, office or retail property

6) Review existing or potential floor plans to best meet your business needs, while minimizing improvement costs

7) Work with various city officials in getting building improvements approved or zone changes made